Board of Pharmacy

Get board of pharmacy information, in each one of the states, including phone number, address, pharmacist technician licenses, pharmacy license lookup and more.

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State Board of Pharmacy

Below you can find the complete directory for the board of pharmacy by states, includes locations, contacts, phone numbers, websites and additional information:

Board of Pharmacy Specialties

The Board of Pharmacy protects and promotes the health and safety of the state by pursuing the highest quality of pharmacist’s care and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals through the following activities:

* Pharmacy Laws and Regulations,
* Legislation & Enforcement Actions.
* Pharmacist Technicians, Interns, Pharmacists Licenses & Certificates, New & Renewals.
* Resources, Publications and Reports.
* Pharmaceutical Recall Notices.
* Publications for Consumers.
* Emergency Contraception Information.
* Pharmacy Facility Licenses.
* Board of Pharmacy License Verification.
* Education Programs.
* and more.

Board of Pharmacy Audit

A Des Moines pharmacist goes before the state board after an audit finds more than 700,000 pills unaccounted for.

Board of Pharmacy FAQs

How do I get a pharmacy license?

To get a pharmacy license, you need to apply to the state’s board of pharmacy, where you wish to run a pharmacy.

How do I get a pharmacist technician license?

To get a pharmacist technician license, you need to apply to the state’s board of pharmacy, where you wish to work as a pharmacist technician.

What are the services and information provided by the state’s board of pharmacy?

The state’s board of pharmacy provides pharmacy related services and information including pharmacy laws and regulations, legislation & enforcement actions, pharmacist technicians, interns, pharmacists’ licenses & certificates, new & renewals, resources, publications and reports, pharmaceutical recall notices, publications for consumers, emergency contraception information, pharmacy facility licenses, board of pharmacy license verification, education programs and more.

What is the average salary of a pharmacist technician?

The average salary of a pharmacist technician according to the professional associations and jobs websites is $28,776 a year.

Board of Pharmacy

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